Re-Financing a Balloon Payment

Or buying your Lease or Company Car

A balloon payment is the term used for a final payment at the end of a lease purchase or PCP agreement which must be paid in order to take ownership of a car.

Many people have a problem finding the money to pay this off at the end of the agreement which is why we offer our customers the chance to Re-finance their balloon payment, this can often be provided at a better rate than the initial car finance policy and can be paid in instalments, even if you took it out with a company that wasn’t What Credit. This is particularly true for those who had poor or little credit history when they took out the original car finance agreement, who may have found that their credit score has gone up thanks to keeping up to date with their payments.

Do you currently have a lease or company car that you don't want to give back ?

Many people get so attached to their vehicles that they dread handing the keys back, especially when you have grown to love the car. We can help you buy the vehicle with monthly payments you can afford so you won't have to return it.

To find out if we could help you to re-finance your balloon payment or buy your lease or company car, call us on 01622 200 150 or click the apply button below.