Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I buy a car from any car dealership?

AnswerA. Yes. We will supply you the Car finance so you can choose the car from any reputable UK car dealer. We also have available car loans that will allow you to but from a private seller.


Q. Can I still get vehicle finance if I have bad credit?

AnswerA. Yes. We can help customers with bad credit scores - even if they have been previously refused by another lender or broker. We specialize in finding finance for customers who have had problems in the past. Unfortunately at this time however, we cannot help those who are currently bankrupt.


Q. I'm self-employed; can I still get vehicle finance?

AnswerA. We can provide finance to those who are currently self-employed. In some cases however, we may ask for the customer to provide three months bank statements to show a proof of income.


Q. I was made bankrupt two years ago, can I still get an acceptance?

AnswerA. Yes. In this situation we would be able to help you, providing that you have been discharged for a minimum of 12 months. Unfortunately at this time however, we cannot help those who are currently bankrupt.


Q. I've recently moved to the UK, can I still get vehicle finance?

AnswerA. Unfortunately, at this time we can only provide finance to those who have lived in the UK for a minimum of three years.



Q. I'm 17-years-old, can I still get vehicle finance?

AnswerA. No, unfortunately at this time you must be at least 18-years-old for us to be able to provide you with finance.



Q. I live in Northern Ireland; can I still get vehicle finance?

AnswerA. Yes. We can provide those in all parts of Northern Ireland with vehicle finance.



Q. I only have a provisional licence; can I still get finance on a vehicle?

AnswerA. Yes we have schemes available to supply car finance for those with a provisional licence.



Q. Will I need a deposit to get vehicle finance?

AnswerA. No not necessarily, we have several no-deposit car finance schemes available.



Q. Am I guaranteed to get an acceptance if I apply with What Credit?

AnswerA. We offer as close to a guarantee as is currently possible in the vehicle finance industry. We try our very best to get all of our customers an acceptance. We also try to take into consideration every customer's unique circumstances and both appreciate and understand the fact that not every customer has a high monthly income and a flawless credit history.


Q. What is the minimum amount that I can borrow?

AnswerA. It depends on the scheme you have been accepted on but the minimum is usually £1000.


Q. What is the maximum amount that I can borrow?

AnswerA. With exceptional credit and providing that other criteria are met, the maximum we would be able to lend is £50,000.


Q. How do I apply for car finance?

AnswerA. It takes just 2 minutes to complete our easy online car finance application form. We will provide you with a decision by our automated response service which will be via automatic email & SMS text.


Q. Do you charge any administration fees?

AnswerA. No. Unlike some of our competitors we charge no admin fees, WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY A FEE TO OBTAIN A CAR LOAN.


Q. Is my application secure and confidential?

AnswerA. Yes. We take our customers privacy and security of their information very seriously. We store all of our customer's data according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and all car loan applications are submitted via a SSL incription. Our Site is Secured by "Thawte SSL".


Q. Can I buy my vehicle from a private seller?

AnswerA. Yes, schemes are available for you to purchase your car from a private seller, however we would strongly recommend that you arrange a vehicle inspection report from a reputable company such as the AA or RAC.


Q. Do you perform credit checks?

AnswerA. Yes. We do perform credit checks on all of our applicants. A customer will typically have two credit searches performed on them. The first being our initial underwriting search - so we can match the customer with the most suitable lender. The lender will then also place their own credit search on the customer. It is possible that a customer may incur more than two searches in some cases.


Q. If I am accepted, what documents will I need to produce?

AnswerA. Depending on what scheme you are approved on, it could be as little as a driving licence in some cases.


Q. How long will the whole process take for me to get finance?

AnswerA. Here at What Credit we pride ourselves in providing a fast efficient service. Currently our fastest completion from the time we received the application, to the customer driving their new car away from the forecourt is just 2 hours & 20 minutes, however the decision of speed is relevant to the customer finding the car of their choice.


Q. I am dissatisfied with your service, where can I leave a suggestion, complaint or comment?

AnswerA. Here at What Credit we are so proud of the services we provide, if you are not happy with any aspect of our service, feel free to phone and speak to the Managing Director or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Q. Do you have a customer loyalty scheme?

AnswerA. Whilst we do not currently offer a loyalty scheme, we have always tried to provide the right acceptance to every customer's current circumstances and to give advice on how this may improve their credit rating. In the past we have had customers who have originally applied and had been accepted for guaranteed finance who are now able to obtain low rate finance - we believe that this was in part due to our guidance to help them rebuild their credit rating.


Q. Is there a reward for recommending your service to a friend or family-member?

AnswerA. Yes. Any customer who introduces a friend or a member of their family to our services will be offered £100 in high-street vouchers as a way to say thank you.